Facebook friend request gets man in jail

There is now ample reason to believe that the mere existence of Facebook may cause human beings to do things that they know they shouldn’t. Such as poke people and send them dead fish, or whatever virtual beings it is that people send to each other.
Somehow, the temptation seems too great, the user interface too attractive, and the immediacy of the communication just too powerful for anyone to resist.
As evidence, might I bring you the alleged behavior of Harry William Bruder from Florida? According to a report from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, Bruder, an employee of Bud’s Plumbing, had been separated from his wife, Carol, for two years and was subject to a domestic-violence injunction.
(Credit: CCAlishaV/Flickr)
It is possible that Bruder’s internal plumbing might have needed some attention. For he was arrested and stands accused of contacting his estranged wife twice on Facebook. Worse, he is reported by the Smoking Gun to have said, on his arrest: “Yeah, I did it.”
He reportedly added that this might not have been the brightest thing he has ever done. The Gun also suggested that Bruder had confessed “to changing the password to his wife’s Yahoo e-mail account. [He] said that he was upset that he had to attend court-ordered counseling sessions as a result of the injunction (which bars him from any contact with his wife).”
Bruder’s own Facebook page appears currently to have disappeared, but the Gun quoted him as having posted the following to that page July 27: “today my future x wife thinks she won but the real winner is me for i know the truth she is nothing but a lying emotionally disturbed woman who needs help to handle previous abusive relationship.”
In the absence of $5,000 bail, Bruder was put in jail. Where perhaps he might wonder about the fact that, at least on Facebook, your online persona can be very real indeed.

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