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Katie Holmes Suri Cruise Wins Right to Care

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise Wins Right to Care
Tom was quite satisfied that given the opportunity to keep in touch with Suri.

But regardless of the custody issue, the couple have agreed to share responsibility for the boy was 6 years old. Tom is aware that Suri is more appropriate foster care in the hands of his mother.

“They both loved their children, and Tom thought it would be better if he stayed with his mother,” said one source in People.

Katie’s divorce lawsuit on Friday (29/7) and then through New York’s high court. See the relationship between the two that always seem to get along, divorce is obviously shocking the public

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katie holmes divorce

Filed for divorce Katie Holmes on Tom Cruise was not kidding. Now she’s 33 years has even dismiss publicist who incidentally has been introduced to Tom.

As reported by Zee News, Dawson’s Creek star has appointed a new publicist who would associate themselves with the public. The news was revealed by the announcement contained in the Red Pages UK.

“Actress Katie Holmes has left the old publicist in Slate PR and has signed a contract with BWR Public Relations,” the text contained in these pages.

“Related news of her divorce with Tom Cruise, he will be represented by Leslie Sloane in New York and Nanci Ryder in Los Angeles. Katie will be lined up to play with Chace Crawford in the latest film titled Responsible Adults to be worked out starting this year,” continued the statement.

Dismissal itself is done respectfully. Instead of working with Ina Trecoikas, now she would prefer returning to the old publicist who has worked for him before in a relationship with Tom

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